The Purpose


At Westerly, our purpose is simple: to craft wine for enjoyment while also giving back.  We strive to grow and produce esteemed wines that honor place while at the same time influence and contribute to our community, locally and globally, through our dedication to education and philanthropy. 

The winemaking process is lengthy and committed.  From farming to grape growing, harvest to cellar, bottle to table, it is a multi-year endeavor with every detail as critical as the next.  But our efforts do not stop here - they surpass the delight of the end result.  While producing wines with a sense of place is important, we also see value in providing for our community.  Through partnerships with organizations such as Wine To Water and the development of internship programs for local students, we hope to have an impact far beyond the palate with the beautiful wines that we produce.   


Westerly + Wine To Water

Westerly has partnered with the non-profit Wine To Water, an organization that helps to bring clean water to global communities.  Wine To Water’s mission is reshaping the face of aid by using what wine symbolizes in an entirely new way.  The sale of one bottle of Wine To Water wine provides clean water to someone in need for an entire year.  We are honored to be a part of an organization that has such a valuable global impact.  


The Westerly Wine Business Internship

We like to remember that the choices we make now in the wine business have an impact on future generations.  The importance of education is paramount, thus we have formed the Westerly Wine Business Internship.  Beginning in the Fall of 2016, we will offer students at local colleges, including the University of California - Santa Barbara, Westmont and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo the opportunity to participate in the program. With a focus in both the Wholesale and Direct to Consumer marketplaces, the internship program will provide participants with a first-hand experience in marketing, selling, and managing wine sales and accounts. We also have plans to share and expand this program as the Westerly brand is introduced in new markets.  Through this year-long paid internship we hope to instill the value of the business of making and selling wine in future generations. 

By enjoying Westerly wines you will be sharing in our mission to provide new opportunities to the local and global community while celebrating the spirit of giving.